Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dog Frisbee

Playing Frisbee with your dog is a lot of fun. Dogs are good when it comes to playing catch. You get to spend quality bonding time with your pet while having fun and not only that, did you know that dog Frisbee has other benefits?

Some dog breeds are used to an active lifestyle and if they don’t get the needed daily exercise, they usually create diversions to amuse themselves. However, there are times when their diversions are somewhat destructive from the point of view of the pet owner. Playing Frisbee is a very good way to curb those destructive behaviors. Frisbee will serve as your dog’s outlet so that he can use up his constrained energy.

When you play Frisbee with your dog, you’re also getting some exercise. So both you and your pet can maintain a healthy condition. If you have a herding dog, it will be more fun to play Frisbee because this dog breed is more skilled at fetching. But if you have a different dog breed, dont fret, fetching the Frisbee can be taught easily. You have to ensure that you purchase a Frisbee that is suited for ‘dog Frisbee’. Regular flying discs can irritate or harm the gums of your dog so be careful when choosing the right Frisbee.

So how will you start teaching your dog to play Frisbee? You can start by replacing your dog’s food dish with the Frisbee. Serve his food on the Frisbee and after your dog finish eating, clean the disc. After some time, your dog will be able to associate the food with the Frisbee and so when you throw the flying disc, the dog will surely chase after it.

For starters, you can start by throwing the flying disc one or two feet from you on the floor. Tell your dog to fetch it and if your pet obeys, give him praise or a treat. If your dog doesn’t obey you at first, you must not get frustrated or scold your dog. Learning to play Frisbee may take some time, so you should be patient. The entire learning experience should be fun for you and your dog.

When the dog learns to get the disc, it’s time to teach him to return the Frisbee to you. Some dogs return the Frisbee at once but some dogs are not fast learners. If your dog does not return the Frisbee, try to tempt him by presenting a new Frisbee. Tell your dog to return the Frisbee to you and when he comes towards you, toss the other Frisbee and get the first one. Repeat this procedure several times until the dog learns to return the Frisbee without being told.

Some dogs are really stubborn and if this happens, you will need a 30 feet training lead. When you toss the Frisbee, tell your dog to get it for you and gently pull the lead towards you. If the dog drops the Frisbee, stop pulling the lead and pick up the disc. Repeat the process over and over again.

When your dog learns to fetch the Frisbee, you can now play outside. Teach your dog to catch the Frisbee while on flight. When you toss the Frisbee, tell your dog ‘catch’. Some dogs can get it in a few tries while others do not. If you want to teach your dog how to play Dog Frisbee, be patient because it will take some time.

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