Friday, January 2, 2009

Dodge Frisbee

Dodge Frisbee is also called dodge disc and it is one of the many Frisbee games. As its name suggests, the game is based on dodgeball and instead of using balls, a disc is used.

When a player in the field is hit by the flying disc and he or she wasn’t able to catch it, that player is eliminated from the game. However, if that same player was able to catch the disc before it touched the ground, the thrower is automatically eliminated from the game. This game can have many players and the ultimate match will take place when there are only two players remaining.

The two players will stand in both ends of the playing field and they will be given several flying discs. The players can execute simultaneous attacks in order to eliminate the opponent. When the other player is hit and the flying disc touches the ground, the player who threw the disc wins.

In Japan, Dodge Frisbee is very popular today. Many Japanese youths are already getting more involved with this type of Frisbee sport. You can even find a lot of sports stores selling ‘soft’ Frisbees which can be used when playing Dodge Frisbee. In the US, this sport is also quite popular since many Americans love to try new, exciting, and active sports. Instead of becoming a couch potato, why don’t you go out of the house and look for friends who are also interested in playing the game.

You’ve probably played Frisbee before with your friends. It’s a very simple game and even a kid can throw a flying disc. If you have little brothers and sisters, you can also teach them how to play dodge Frisbee. That way, they will also get the needed daily exercise. If you have a large yard area, you can easily play the game there. The rules are understandable and so the kids will not have any difficulty in playing the game with adults. Besides, they won’t get hurt even if they are hit by the flying disc because it’s soft.

Purchase the specific disc used in Dodge Frisbee and don’t try to use the regular flying discs because you might get hurt (a little). The flying disc used in Dodge Frisbee is soft and so the players will not get hurt even when they are hit with a flying disc. These discs are widely available and you can get them in online and in local sports stores in Japan, US, and other countries.

It’s really amazing that Dodge Frisbee was created based on two games – the dodgeball and Frisbee. Frisbee is very much different from the Frisbee known many years ago. Its history showed great contributions of individuals and companies which later on led to its development. Now, it is still undergoing a lot of modifications and changes and Frisbee is now played in different kinds of ways. The different types of Frisbees have different as well as similar rules but the basic thing used did not change – and that is the use of the Frisbee or flying disc.

Play Dodge Frisbee now and have fun with your family and friends. The rules employed in this game are similar to the dodgeball and so you will not find it difficult to play the game. Look for Dodge Frisbee enthusiasts and play with them to learn more Frisbee techniques.

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