Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Entourage Under Your Skin

It seems that the word "addictions" has a negative connotation in modern society. And while an addiction to cocaine, heroin, alcohol or even tobacco have definite medical negatives, to let yourself develop a serious addiction to the HBO series Entourage may a good thing. If nothing else getting Entourage under your skin is very much a fun thing to do and one that once you join the millions of fans of Entourage, you will have trouble leaving it alone.

Many TV shows are written to stand alone. That is to say, that each episode is independent of the last and you can watch one show a season of that series and get all you need to know from that one viewing. These shows are good for people who don’t want to let a show into their minds to where they end up thinking about the characters as they drive down the street or even at work. But most people that let their favorite show become part of their weekly schedule and that follow a show that has an evolving plot get so much more out of the series because the characters are richer and the show can take so many unique twists and turns based on that rich history and background.

Entourage which now has four full seasons in the can definitely qualifies as a show that is much more fun if you let it become part of your family and you learn the nuances and backgrounds of the characters and the plot. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy just one episode of Entourage because you can. With only a fundamental understanding that the plot is about an actor named Vincent Chase who goes to Hollywood from New York with his half brother and their friends to conquer Hollywood, you can have a lot of fun watching Entourage. The lively characterizations and well written scripts and plots mean that each episode of Entourage has a lot to offer.

But you should be forewarned that even if you just want to watch one or two episodes, Entourage has that "addictive" quality that is the trademark of many great television shows. Part of the reason it is hard not to get hooked on Entourage is that the characters are strong, fascinating and complex. They are funny, dynamic and you will quickly develop your favorites and want to know more about them. That is the kind of stuff that brings you back week after week for a one more "fix" of this comedy that is hard to put down.

Our modern technology has made it even easier to get on board with an addictive show like Entourage and get caught up to the history of these colorful characters. If you only go the chance to sample a few episodes from the last season of Entourage, that urge to go back and see the first 3 seasons is natural. Technology to the rescue because you can pick and chose from the library of old Entourage episodes on HBO on Demand and get the scoop on what has gone on before right at your computer at home or at work (while on break, we hope).

You can also find compilations of the first 3 seasons that have been put out on DVD. If you suspect you are about to become a hardcore fan, you can buy these DVDs online from HBO or other online retailers like Amazon. But you can also access the library using your video store of Netflix and make a project of watching all of those terrific old episodes that you missed if you got started with the show late. Of course, we know we are "enabling" your addiction to Entourage by pointing you to a rich supply of shows that are only going to get the show under your skin more permanently. But as addicts of the show ourselves, we are happy to expand the Entourage family of fans. So welcome aboard and enjoy becoming a serious addict of Entourage. Now go out there and make some converts yourself.

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