Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dexter Character Deborah Morgan

Deborah “Deb” Morgan is portrayed by actress Jennifer Carpenter and she is the loud and foul mouthed adopted sister of Dexter Morgan and daughter of the deceased Harry Morgan. Deb is a good person and she has the ability to be a great police officer but she has little faith in herself. She also has trouble moving up from working undercover as a prostitute and moving on to vice and homicides.

Like Dexter’s girlfriend Rita, Deb is both weak and strong. In the pilot episode, Dexter tells the audience that Deborah works hard to prevent other’s from seeing how vulnerable she is, while he tries to prevent them from seeing how vulnerable he’s not.

While she can rarely stand up for herself against her boss Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta, she is willing to stand up for her brother Dexter. Deb loves her adopted brother and will fight anyone who tries to bring harm his way.

Deborah Morgan loves her brother deeply but she also harbors a deep streak of jealousy that goes back to their childhood. While Harry Morgan was spending time teaching a young Dexter how to be the perfect serial killer, he often neglected his birth daughter Deborah and never gave any excuse for these exclusions.

Regardless for how she feels about Dexter she feels that others around her will always go to him first. In there teenage years, Harry Morgan would often take Dexter out to practice shooting his shooting skills but Deb was unaware that he was also teaching him how to be a neat killing machine. All she saw was her father leaving her alone while he took Dexter with him.

Tired of being ignored, Deb snuck out her father’s rifle to do some target practice and in concern for her welfare; Dexter reported her actions to their father. Less than pleased at being caught, punished and knowing that Dexter snitched; Deborah finally told her brother how she feels.

After explaining that he’s her brother, Deb exploded in anger and told Dexter that he is not her brother and Harry Morgan is her father no his. She also angrily wished that Harry had never brought Dexter into her home. Immediately after releasing her harsh feelings, Deborah knew she had hurt her brother but Dexter brushed it off along with her apologies. He has no feelings that she can hurt.

As adults, Deb and Dexter both work for the same Miami police station and she still feels that others place her second to Dexter. Even though he is not a police officer, someone will call for Morgan and once Deborah steps up, they let her know that they want Dexter not her services.

To Deb Morgan, Dexter is a wonderful person and great older brother. She knows that Rita Bennett is a great woman and mother and loves the fact that Dexter has a solid relationship. However, she is still alone and looking for that special someone to share her life with. Her loneliness really comes into focus during season one of Showtime’s Dexter after her most recent boyfriend turned out to be a married man.

When Deb met Rudy Cooper, a prosthesis creator, she was susceptible to his charm. With kind words and a caring front, he had Deborah believing that she had met the man of her dreams. After she learned the truth about Rudy and almost died at his hands before being rescued by Dexter, Deb spent the first half of season two trying to come to terms with her near death experience and the fact that as a cop, she should have known Rudy was evil.

Deborah Morgan’s life almost spun out of control until she met FBI agent Frank Lundy. He was capable, calm and much older than Deb. It quickly became evident that although she cared for Lundy, some parts of their relationship were spawned due to the fact that he was the father figure she never had.

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