Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its Easy to get Hooked on Entourage

There are a lot of reasons that Entourage on HBO is the kind of show that is easy to get hooked on. The Hollywood setting is one we all wonder about and get caught up in all the time. So by following the main characters, Vince, Johnnie, Eric, Turtle and the rest as they make their marks on the Hollywood system and as that system changes them is one of the reasons it is fun to follow the show from week to week.

The show is very well written with fun and intricate plots and dialog that keeps you riveted for each episode. Like any show you get hooked on, it is easy to find someone in the cast you connect with. The classic story of a group of headstrong guys taking on a new world is easy to like and each character is quirky and complicated which comes out the longer you hang in there and get to know them.

The plots mostly center around our hero, the main character Vincent Chase played by Adrian Grenier. He seems to be custom made for stardom so when he goes to Hollywood from New York, the various hoops he has to jump through to get the parts he wants is always a big part of the fun of the show. But his "entourage" of friends who come with him to Hollywood also provide many opportunities for side plots and great moments with the show as well.

The makers of Entourage do well at developing each character who is part of Vincent's story including his half brother Johnnie who also is an actor. So there is a natural tension as Vince experiences the success that Johnnie used to know but has eluded him in his career. Turtle, the house manager oozes so much attitude as he tries to show off that he is the player in the group that he provides lots of opportunities for humor in the scripts of Entourage.

Eric is a character who we like to empathize with because he takes the role of Vincent's manager. Because Vince and his entourage invaded Hollywood together, each is learning as he goes. Eric is a great example of a character who is actively sorting out the Hollywood system so she can become a great manager for Vincent. But there are ups and downs along the way.

Rounding out the cast is the powerful personality of Vincent's manager Ari Gold. Jeremy Piven who plays Ari brings such a high octane energy to the role that his addition to the cast really adds a lot of drama and excitement any time he is on screen. These characters are thrown together to navigate the fascinating Hollywood system with all the ups and downs that you might expect.

The reason Entourage is such a great television "addiction" is watching as these various personalities live and react to the new experiences they are having in Hollywood. But at the same time, they brought with them from New York a culture and their own individual styles that they have to stop and celebrate in an evening of just "being the boys" for a while.

The "society" these guys brought with them is very much their center and the "family" that gives them the ability to keep on going out there to conquer the vast Hollywood world. But when they come back together to laugh, fight, joke and relax, that is where the real strength of the show comes out in the relationships between these powerful personalities. Small wonder every member of the family will develop favorites to follow in this diverse cast.

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