Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tips for Choosing a Paso Robles Winery to Visit

Are you in the process of planning a trip to Paso Robles, California? If you are, you are entering into an area that is referred to as wine country. Why? Because there are so many wineries for you to choose from.

Although there are multiple wineries, over a hundred to be exact, for you to choose from, you likely do not have time to visit them all. In fact, you may only have time for one stop. If that is the case, you will want to make your choice wisely. This may seem like an impossible choice to make. For tips on choosing the perfect Paso Robles winery, please continue reading on.

A great way to choose a Paso Robles winery is based on size. Yes, many small, family-owned wineries are worth the trip, but you may find more at a winery that is large in size. Large wineries are known for offering more onsite events. These events may include a music concert, an informational session on pairing wine with fine foods, and so much more.

In keeping with events, visits to wineries are often for sampling purposes only. Yes, sampling fine wines is nice, but do you want to do more? Are you curious as to how wine is made or what a winery looks like behind the scenes? If so, visit a Paso Robles winery that gives guided tours of their facility. You may be required to schedule an appointment in advance, but it is well worth it.

When choosing a Paso Robles winery to visit, cost may be a point you want to consider. It is something that you shouldn’t let limit you. Yes, some Paso Robles wineries do offer complimentary wine tasting, but even if you must pay a fee, that fee is very affordable. On average, you pay just $4 a person and you get to sample multiple wines. Tasting fees should be taken into consideration if you are planning a weeklong wine tasting journey, but not if you will only visit one winery. Instead, make sure that winery is the best and that it comes highly rated and recommended.

Speaking of highly rated and recommended wineries, use the internet to your advantage. Before leaving for your Paso Robles trip, perform a standard internet search to find local wineries. Look for rating and reviews; see what others have to say. This research, which should only take about five to ten minutes, can help you find the Paso Robles winery that is best for your wants and needs.

Location can also help you narrow down and find the perfect winery. Throughout the Paso Robles area, you will find hundreds of wineries to choose from. If you are limited on time, look for those that are located by your bed and breakfast inn, campground, or hotel. This not only saves you time, but it limits your travel expenses.

The above mentioned tips can help you find and choose the Paso Robles winery that is best for you next trip to the area. With that said, remember that there are hundreds of wineries in the area. If you can, visit as many as possible. That leads to another tip for choosing a winery to visit, look for those that are located in close clusters. Can you visit one winery and drive down the road to see another? If so, create your own miniature wine tour or take a guided tour, where transportation is provided. In the end, you will be glad you did.

As an important reminder, Paso Robles is most well known for its wineries, but that is not all that they have to offer. There is so much more for you to do and see. If you enjoy visiting local wineries, visit an organic farm that is open to the public. Visit the nearby lake to enjoy a day filled with fun and sun. Yes, a visit to a winery is recommended, but it does not have to be all that you do.

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