Saturday, August 23, 2008

Paso Robles Wineries Reviewed: Vina Robles

Are you planning a visit to Paso Robles, California? If you are, you will find that the area is home to a number of world-renowned wineries. In fact, there are over 170 in the area. If you are limited on time, you may have to carefully pick and choose the wineries you visit. While all come highly rated and recommended, you are encouraged to visit Vina Robles.

Vina Robles is located not far from Highway 46. Its exact location is 3700 Mill Road in Paso Robles, California. Their tasting room is open daily. Tasting begins at 10 and concludes at 5 and 6 in the winter and summer respectively.

Each winery in Paso Robles has something unique about it, something that makes it worth visiting. As for Vina Robles, that is their hospitality center. Situated on thirty acres of land and opened to the public in 2007, it is home one of the finest tasting rooms in the area. What is unique about their hospitality center is that it combines California design with Italian and European elegance. Many other wineries in the area focus on just one. Here, you can have the best of both worlds.

Inside the tasting room, you will not only be greeted with a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. You will also find a large stone fireplace and a small library. Triangular island bars face a beautiful picture window. Outside of that window, you will see the demonstration vineyard.

In addition to a fine tasting room, you will find gift shop. This gift shop is a must visit, especially if you are not originally from the area. There you will find amazing gifts that are great for friends and family. These items also double as souvenirs. Available for sale you will find a large selection of merchandise, including gourmet delis and cheeses, wine themed cookbooks, and custom-made merchandise.

Vina Robles is also known for its scheduled events. Occasionally, you will find as many as two or more events scheduled in one week. Depending on the event in question, you may have to pay a special admission fee, but that fee is well-worth it. As for what is planned, it depends, but you are sure to find something for everyone in your group. Musical concerts, guided facility tours, food and wine paring events are offered.

Another reason why Vina Robles is considered a must visit is because of its close proximity to the Hunter Ranch Golf Course. In fact, it is adjacent to the course. What could be better than enjoy a relaxing came of golf followed by an afternoon of wine tasting. In fact, how does complimentary wine tasting sound?

At Vina Robles, you will find three special offers, in terms of wine tasting. First is that of complimentary estate wine tasting. For an affordable rate, you can enjoy Cuvee tasting. Another choice is Cuvee wine tasting, which is paired with fine cheeses and other gourmet foods.

If you are looking for a bottle of locally produced wine, you may find yourself at the doorsteps of Vina Robles. Yes, you can run inside and make your purchase, but why not stay for a while? With complimentary estate wine tasting located in a beautiful hospitality center, adjacent to a popular golf course, why not plan a fun day trip?

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