Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Caltex View on Sponsorship

With every successful, big time company, comes the responsibility of involving itself with community welfare and support. Whether it is through the advocacy of the environment or to the society, this responsibility showcases the company’s ability to connect and partner itself with its customers and patrons. Caltex is no exception to this.

The Caltex brand, under the Chevron Corporation, is a leader in commercial and global market of automotive diesel fuels, kerosene, industrial and marine diesel fuels, and fuel oils. Their operations cover regions of Asia-Pacific, Africa-Pakistan, Latin America, North America, and Europe – which is basically world-wide.

In ‘connecting’ with the public, Caltex has vision in promoting assistance to those who are less fortunate. Partnerships made with the company are dedicated to help those who are in need; and to assist the disadvantaged improve their lives by through helping them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

As with all community involvement of corporations, Caltex also takes part in offering and dealing with sponsorships. Aside from its society reach-out reason, the company takes sponsorship as one of its key marketing ways in communicating with its various customers and patrons. It is through sponsoring that the company is able to associate itself with partners that have the same, if not similar, values and characteristics.

A deeper look

Caltex views sponsorship as a way of business since it involves the trading of products, services and/or money for commercial value, brand recognition, and company exposure. The company deems this marketing tool as one of its most effective ways to reach out and build valuable partnerships with various target consumers and clients.

Usually, the type of sponsorship Caltex gives out is for those who reflect the brand’s value, which is all about renewing one’s drive momentum. This is in relation with their tagline ‘What drives you’; and seeks for sponsorship proposals that exude such kind of excellence and motivation.

In typical fashion, sponsorships in the past have been associated with sports that involve speed, focus, and concentration – all of which are key elements in winning. Some sponsorship that Caltex has done in the past include: Caltex Masters Golf Tournament in Singapore, Caltex Voet Van Africa Marathon, Caltex V8 Car Championships in New Zealand, and Caltex Delo Customer Car Show in the Philippines.

Sponsorship guidelines

In choosing viable events to sponsor, Caltex uses various criteria to evaluate proposals that are submitted to them. In a minimum sense, the proposal that the company seeks out are which have the following:

• A reflection of Caltex’s brand image – these include the best in Performance, People, Partnership

• The event should be able to maximize the presence and exposure of Caltex. This can be achieved through on-site branding, use of internet, and media coverage

• Media presence should be involved which means that the event is able to generate free publicity because it presents itself as a unique, popular, innovative event.

• The type of sponsorship requested is sole sponsorship, or any type which signifies the highest level of sponsorship

• The organization giving out the proposal has a good track record in terms of viewer-ship and attendance; and has a large base of loyal followers

• There is a ‘standing out’ effect in the event which topples over competitors and has Caltex as the dominant brand of the bunch.

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