Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Common Problems for Women Older than 60 that can Make Sex Uncomfortable

Sex can continue for women at any age, but there are some common problems that can affect those over 60 and make it uncomfortable. If you aren’t feeling good during the activity of course it is going to be something you avoid being a part of. That can really make you feel less attractive and even older than you really are. Sex is a big part of who we are even though it isn’t the most important attribute.

Too many women just sum up these common problems as the end of a very happy sex life. Others never really enjoyed it anyway so now it is just one more issue to prevent them from considering sex as something wonderful or rewarding. Yet you don’t have to let problems prevent you from enjoying sex after age 60. There are many things you can do to make yourself feel better.

Stress can be a huge factor that affects enjoying sex. Some women that are older find that they have things taking place in their life that overwhelm them. Dealing with that stress is very important though to help move on from it. Talking to friends or a professional counselor can certainly be helpful.

A change of partners can be difficult for women as well. Most women are very loyal to their partner and so it can be hard to become intimate with someone else. They may have gotten divorced later in life and just now came back onto the dating scene. Some women have lost their spouse due to death. After being with the same person for decades it is certainly a new experience to have sex with someone different.

Many women will find that it does take longer to become sexually aroused when they are in their 60’s. Instead of being frustrated by this a woman just needs to find ways to work with it. Having a relaxing bath with a partner, a nice romantic dinner, or just cuddling for a while can help. A woman needs to make sure her partner understands what will arouse her as well.

The ability to naturally lubricate the vagina can be an issue as well. This is important to address because it can result in sexual stimulation as well as intercourse being painful. There is no reason for a woman to have to deal with this but many suffer in silence. They try to avoid the atmosphere for sex to take place so they don’t have to discuss this with their partner.

It is often the result of the vaginal walls becoming thinner as a person gets older. The younger a person is when they go through menopause the more common it is that will occur. Women need to discuss such issues with their gynecologist before they just reach for an over the counter product to assist them with lubrication issues.

Even though women over 60 can end up experiencing some problems, most of them can be overcome. There are very few women who can’t end up with a very satisfying sex life as they get older. You may have to work in order to physically and mentally get to that point though. Let your doctor help you too by being willing to share such issues with them. They are professionals so you shouldn’t be embarrassed turning to them for assistance.

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