Wednesday, May 28, 2008


At first look, the JVC HD100 looks like any other high definition camera with a lot of switches, dials, and places to plug in peripherals. In operation, it functions like an old regular video camera. You don't really need to do anything special to make a high definition recording, just press a button - although there are differences.

One of the things that makes this camera so nice and unique is the amount of control you have over pretty much everything you record. JVC really outdone themselves here, as you can record all of your settings on a SD memory card and save them to move on to another JCV camera, which will save you a lot of time.

Another amazing feature enables the video camera to automatically record to a hard disk while at the same time recording to a tape. Recording directly to a hard drive will save you a lot of time in the editing process, as you can immediately begin using your video without having to capture tape to your computer, which can only be done in real time.

Surprisingly enough, the camera is very easy to use either mounted on a tripod or on your shoulder. The shoulder pad is a nice addition, being thickly padded. To make things even better, the camera is very light.

When it comes to the quality, the GY-HD100 needs to be seen to be believed. HD video is intended to look like real life. There is an extended gray scale, a heightened sense of color - and the resulting detail is simply incredible.

HD at this incredible level has 720 X 1028 lines of progressive video, which means that the video is shot in one entire frame at a time. Also, it can be recorded at 24 or even 30 frames per second.

The 24 fps resembles film and if you plan to convert to film, it's a great way to shoot - as you can quickly and easily go directly to film. The 30 fps has more data per second, although it is not appropriate for making a film project.

If you want to experience HD without spending over 70,000$, then the JCV GY-HD100 is more than worth your time and money. Even though it doesn't record uncompressed HD video, it does record a picture that is far superior to the standard picture you get with an average everyday camera. HD is rapidly becoming the future, and with the GY-HD100 - its here and now.

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